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Helly Hansen Workwear - Nordic good

The motto at Helly Hansen Workwear: "dry, warm and safe at work" is reflected in every piece of workwear. The founder of the brand, Helly Juell Hansen, met this challenge by developing the first waterproof clothing for sailors and fishermen. For them, the use of oilskins was of particular importance. The term "oilskin" refers to nothing other than particularly water-repellent clothing.

Through consistent further development, Helly Hansen is now one of the world's leading brands for workwear. However, it is not only the technical aspect that comes into play, but also the fashion aspect. Before new workwear is released to customers, it must first withstand the toughest tests directly on selected testers. Helly Hansen Workwear, this has practically become a synonym for high quality and wearing comfort in functional clothing or workwear for men and women alike.

Helly Hansen Workwear - the milestones

A major milestone was set in 1970, when experimentation on functional underwear invented the foundation for the 3-layer concept that is more popular than ever today. In 1977, Helly Hansen developers bring the first breathable and water-repellent workwear material to the European market. The 3-layer concept is also known as midlayer technology and the water-repellent as HellyTec. The midlayers provide additional comfort with their breathable properties. In the following years, Helly Hansen finally becomes a global brand and the company even sponsors the Lillehammer Olympics.

The concept is also partially applied to high-visibility products. Here, however, the protection factor triggered by the fluorescent material counts even more. In addition to reflective stripes, inserts made of softshell or fleece are often processed in the work jackets and work pants. Thus Helly Hansen Workwear guarantees craftsmen a high safety factor, particularly high freedom of movement and high wearing comfort.

But Helly Hansen is not only something for craftsmen: outdoor clothing also impresses with its high quality. Warming down jackets in winter are important not only for forest workers, but also for athletes on the ski slopes. A warming fleece jacket performs well in the forest thanks to its special fabric and provides reliable protection against the cold. Especially soft is the fleece Juell, from which many of our jackets are now made. Similarly good are the rain jackets or rain pants of our range, which always ensure a dry body. With the shoes from Helly Hansen, on the other hand, you always have dry feet and are optimally protected against the penetration of water. At the same time, the shoes are breathable and also ideally suited as outdoor clothing.

Helly Hansen Workwear 

The breathable Helly Hansen high-visibility jackets are optimally equipped against water penetration from the outside despite the very good air circulation.

In summer, a short-sleeved shirt - with or without high-visibility protection - is extremely practical. Due to the high-quality materials and the look, you can wear the shirts both at work and on cozy evenings with friends. Meanwhile, Helly Hansen's range includes much more than simple pants and jackets for sailors and fishermen. Helly Hansen functional clothing scores with robust work jackets or work pants. The material Cordura is representative for the robustness. The Cordura-reinforced clothing withstands the toughest demands. The workwear also follows fashionable aspects, so that craftsmen do not have to do without functionality or trendy styles. 

Whether fleece jacket, rain jacket, down jacket or ladies or men, who buys Helly Hansen Workwear can be 100% sure to always order high quality functional clothing. So you stay well equipped in any weather. When buying, do not pay attention to the price alone, because only those who buy good quality can also do a good job.

But Helly Hansen is not only your good work at heart, but also the good treatment of the environment and its protection. The lakes, mountains and the rest of the landscape, should not suffer any damage during production. So that future generations can also use our nature. At the same time, the harsh conditions should not be a challenge for the workwear or clothing of the company Helly Hansen. So you stay well equipped with your clothes for any weather and extreme requirements.

To implement the chain of environmental protection already begins in the company's own office in Norway and goes through the sale and shipping to the customer's home. Exactly the fair manufactured Helly Hansen Workwear and much more, for men and women, is available here in the online store of GenXtreme! From various jackets, such as winter jackets, fiber fur jackets, rain jackets or fleece jackets to waterproof rain pants or high-visibility shorts. In addition to craftsmen, sailors, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts also benefit from the resistant pants and other garments with the special fabric.