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Pack of 10 FFP2 Honeywell filtering half/fine dust mask category III

Pack of 10 FFP2 filtering half/fine dust mask category III

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particle-filtering half mask (fine dust mask) Article number: H910EN FFP2 NO Category... more

  • particle-filtering half mask (fine dust mask)
  • Article number: H910EN FFP2 NO
  • Category III, according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009
  • against solid and/or liquid aerosols up to 10 times the limit value
  • multi-layer filter material
  • with nose clip and head strap for high wearing comfort
  • Color white
  • 100% polyester fleece

The Honeywell FFP2 mask is a one-size-fits-all particle filtering half mask with an adjustable nose clip. The product stops liquid aerosols up to 10 times the exposure limit. The adjustable headband ensures a comfortable fit. FFP stands for "Filtering Face Piece", the protection classes FFP1 to FFP3 are standardized.

In contrast to the FFP1 mask, FFP2 masks have an increased filter performance of at least 94%. With respirators of protection class FFP3, the face mask must filter at least 99% of the test aerosols.

Identification of the FFP mask

Masks for respiratory protection that comply with the regulations are marked, among other things, with the name of the manufacturer, the mask class, the CE marking and the identification number of the test center.

Honeywell FFP2 category III masks guarantee that both the protective equipment and the manufacturing facility have been checked by an EU notified body.

How does the FFP2 filtering half/fine dust mask protect?

While simple mouth and nose covers and medical face masks are primarily used to protect others, the FFP2 masks are used for self-protection and occupational safety.

The mask protects against harmful dust, particles and aerosols as well as against infection with germs transmitted by droplets. The non-existing valve also ensures external protection.

Cloth mouth and nose covers, also known as everyday masks, only reduce the speed of the respiratory flow and the droplet ejection.

Respirators with and without a valve

In some federal states, wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory in local public transport (ÖPNV), shops for daily needs or special facilities such as nursing homes and hospices without a valve.

Although FFP2 masks with a valve increase wearing comfort, they also reduce protection from others. The exhaled air leaves the face mask unfiltered, which means that infectious particles get into the ambient air.

Note on the multiple use of respiratory masks

Protective masks are basically intended as single-use products; in private use, they can be reused under certain conditions without impairing their function. In a study, Münster University of Applied Sciences presented the possibilities and limits of reusing FFP2 masks and two methods of disinfection. The FFP2 mask can therefore either be heated or dried in room air.

The study found out: At a constant temperature of 80°C, no SARS-CoV pathogens can be detected after one hour, external protection and filter performance remain intact. Lower temperatures do not result in complete removal of infectious particles. If the FFP2 mask is heated more, the fabric of the protective equipment can be damaged and the risk of infection increases.

Another possibility is the disinfection process "7 days drying in room air". If you dry the respirator in room air, the purchased FFP2 mask must be hung in a room with low humidity for at least seven days. A sufficient reduction of the pathogens applied by the carrier was determined. After five rounds, the masks should be disposed of at the latest.

At least seven reusable FFP2 masks should therefore be purchased for each person in your household. Alternating use of the disinfected masks by different people is not recommended.

Articlenumber: H910EN FFP2

100% polyester fleece

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