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Mechanic gloves - for a secure grip

Mechanic gloves in general

Mechanical work often involves contact with oily or greasy materials and sharp-edged tools. Therefore, you need to protect your hands particularly well. In our store, these gloves are usually made of high-quality leather and robust textile inserts. So is the Dex A533 from the American cult manufacturer Carhartt. The cowhide and goatskin gloves have an adjustable closure. You get them from us in classic black or black/brown. The 2235 synthetic leather gloves from Blakläder are material-reinforced on the palms and the fingertips are designed so that you can hardly feel the seams. Neoprene inserts on the wrist provide extra comfort. Very special protection is also offered by the Medium Duty from the popular glove manufacturer Ansell. This pair has a terry thumb for optimal sweat regulation and also the crook of the thumb is reinforced and thus particularly durable. They are particularly well suited for vehicle maintenance. Mechanics and industrial workers are sure to find the right pair of work gloves!

A large importer of work gloves, assembly gloves and mechanic gloves is, for example, Texxor. The company from Lower Saxony has not only gloves for mechanics in its assortment, but also cheap work shoes, work clothes and many articles for occupational safety. Texxor is the importer's brand for a whole range of work gloves. Basically, mechanic gloves are functional, usually with Velcro closure and made of an abrasion-resistant outer material. If possible, this should also be oil-resistant and provide a good grip on oily and wet objects. Mechanic work gloves are not disposable items, they are designed to last a long time and are therefore a bit more expensive. Some manufacturers also offer mechanic gloves that can be washed at up to 60°C to restore them to their original condition. To prevent the wearer of the gloves from sweating, some manufacturers install a breathable material on the back of the hand, such as mesh fabric. This fabric is light and allows the hands to breathe well. It does not have to be as abrasion-resistant and oil-resistant as the one on the inside of the hand. A good mix of materials is what makes good mechanic gloves in the end.