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Work pants for women - fashionable and robust

There is a suitable work trousers for ladies for every profession. This workwear impresses with wearing comfort, safety and fashionable details as well as ideal fit in equal measure. The work pants offer enough space for tools thanks to many pockets. So you have folding rule, knife, cell phone and Co always with you and do not have to search long. Whether you are looking for a pair of trousers, dungarees, high-visibility trousers or work trousers with cut protection, at GenXtreme you will find the right trousers at a reasonable price. Work pants ladies are available in many variants Women's work pants exist for many professions and they must meet different challenges. Depending on the job, some models offer more freedom of movement and comfort, while others focus on protection. Basically, the following three types of women's work pants can be distinguished: Waistband trousers: Waistband trousers are a real all-rounder and are used in the trades or in doctors' surgeries. Dungarees: Dungarees are especially popular in the craft. The reason is simple, the work pants for women can not slip and therefore offer more freedom of movement. So it is easier to work overhead and you have in a possible breast pocket important utensils faster at hand. Work pants for outdoors: Those who work outdoors in wind and weather benefit from specially adapted women's pants. Therefore, there are shorts for the summer, but also particularly warming pants for the winter. How to find the ideal women's work pants The right size is the be-all and end-all for the right fit of women's work trousers. It helps to determine the following measurements with a tape measure: Waist circumference Body size Inseam length width of the buttocks We recommend to wear only underwear and shoes when measuring. Otherwise, the measurement results may be falsified and the work clothes will not fit when trying them on. Work pants ladies - when are they mandatory? In some industries, work pants are even required by law. Details are given in the relevant regulations of the professional association. Such information is also set out in the employment contract or company regulations. Sometimes there are also certain dress codes. In these cases, the employer often reimburses the costs or is even obliged to do so. Protection for all thanks to the right women's work trousers In manual professions, women's work pants face special challenges. The models can perfectly adapt to the female body. If you like it particularly traditional, choose guild trousers with the color of your trade. Green stands for gardeners and GaLa builders. Some have knee pads or knee pad pockets to protect the knees. Such work pants are especially important for bricklayers, because they kneel for a long time and the knee pads protect the joints. Women's pants with cut protection, on the other hand, are most suitable for gardening and help prevent from injuries. In addition to numerous pockets, some offer a flexible waistband to accommodate every movement. Some models also have detachable pant legs, so a long pair can quickly be converted into a pair of shorts. High visibility pants even have reflectors that help other people see you better in bad weather. Work pants for women from top brands Not all pants are the same - the brands have put the focus on very special features of the respective workwear. Blakläder, for example, gives a lifetime guarantee on its seams. Carhartt, on the other hand, relies on triple main seams as well as particularly sturdy materials. If you ever can't find something, ask our competent, friendly and advice-oriented customer service. We will find a suitable solution!