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Maddox GTX W black-red Mid ESD S3 CI

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Color: black
The leather-free Elten Maddox GTX Mid S3 is a good companion, whether in cooler temperatures or... more

The leather-free Elten Maddox GTX Mid S3 is a good companion, whether in cooler temperatures or in wet weather conditions. It offers the greatest walking comfort combined with maximum functionality. A specially designed outsole helps, which offers penetration protection or penetration resistance and grip on different surfaces. A steel toe cap provides additional safety.

The safety shoe offers further advantages: The core here is the Infinergy material from BASF. It has already proven itself in the sports segment. This special reflective material guarantees excellent cushioning and a pleasantly light stepping sensation.

Thanks to Infinergy, the sole of the safety shoe can absorb abrupt impacts or blows and the reflective material also provides excellent energy recovery for the wearer. Thanks to the sole from the Wellmaxx series, signs of fatigue can be prevented and joints and back can be protected at the same time.

The right stability and a comfortable fit result from the comprehensive padding in the ankle area. The closed padded flap excludes dirt and prevents pressure points.

Waterproof and breathable safety shoes - GORE-TEX makes it possible

The mix of textile material and microfiber in the upper ensures water-repellent and quick-drying properties. These leather-free safety shoes are therefore described as hydrophobic. The property of the textile material is also commonly referred to as the lotus effect. The hydrophobic textile lining GORE-TEX acts on the inside and prevents moisture from penetrating while at the same time being highly breathable. The all-weather membrane ensures a pleasant shoe and foot climate regardless of external influences. Cold insulation also equips the Maddox GXT Mid for cold, wet weather conditions.

In addition, the shoe is ESD-capable and does not conduct any electrical charges. The ESD standard describes the electrical conductivity. In accordance with DIN EN 61340-5-1, the shoe has a minimum volume resistance of 100 kiloohms or a maximum of 35 megohms (3.5 x 107 ohms).

Adequate protection and safety for toes and soles

Ergonomically shaped protective toe caps leave enough space for the toes and also cover the outer small toe area perfectly. Shocks of 200 joules have been adequately simulated and tested to ensure adequate toe protection from the steel toe cap. The safety shoes are also secured against a pressure load of at least 15 kilonewtons.

In addition to the good flexibility of the sole, the steel toe cap and the special textile lining, the hydrophobic safety shoe offers metal-free penetration protection or penetration resistance. The foot surface is completely covered and the sole protects against dangers from below. The metal-free protection of the outsole ensures that the shoe remains comparatively light.

The penetration protection, the steel toe cap, the waterproofness of the reflective material and the textile lining make the Maddox GTX Mid S3 a safety class S3 safety boot. Thanks to the ESD standard, the shoe protects against electrical charges and thanks to the certification according to DGUV rule 112-191 for orthopedic insoles, it ensures a comfortable fit.

Articlenumber: 769241
Product line: Wellmaxx
Model: 769241 - Elten MADDOX GTX W black-red Mid ESD S3 C
Material: Gore-Tex®, Microfiber, Textile
Operation area: Craft, In cold weather, Manufacturing, Transport trade, Work safety
Properties: Breathable, Good fit, Good protection against cold, High wearing comfort, Metal free, Shock-absorbent, Waterproof
Collection: Autumn/Winter
Security class: S3
Certificates: DGUV 112-191 (BGR 191), ESD

Colours: black/red

Sizes: 40 - 48

Features : excellent cushioning concept, perfect indoor outsole, GORE-TEX membrane

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