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UVEX safety glasses with vision acuity

Every day, many people work with materials and tools that pose a risk to their eyesight. Occupational safety therefore also includes reliable eye protection - for example against foreign bodies, chemicals or sparks. Conventional safety goggles can often be uncomfortable for people who wear glasses, as they are worn as an additional pair of goggles. Safety glasses with prescription, also called prescription safety glasses, have numerous advantages and combine lenses with the right prescription with work protection. Prescription glasses worn in everyday life usually do not provide sufficient protection against specific hazards in the workplace or do not meet the legal requirements. The UVEX safety glasses with prescription from the GenXtreme range have side protection, are particularly scratch-resistant and insensitive to damage from chemicals or welding sparks.

In our assortment you will find a wide range of prescription safety glasses from UVEX at a great price.

UVEX safety glasses with prescription - the advantages

When changing the workplace from closed rooms to fresh air, fogged lenses usually cannot be avoided. But this is exactly what must not happen with prescription safety glasses with prescription, they should always offer the wearer the best view. Therefore, the lenses of UVEX prescription safety glasses are coated on the inside and outside. Moreover, people with defective vision only achieve a complete field of vision with prescription safety glasses.

The advantages of safety glasses with prescription at a glance:

  • no slipping
  • no fogging of the lenses
  • no light reflections or double images
  • Complete field of view
  • available as temple glasses or basket glasses

It is important that you only use standardized safety glasses at the workplace. The UVEX safety glasses with prescription are certified according to the European standard for eye protection EN 166 and may be used at workplaces with an obligation to wear safety glasses.

What makes UVEX safety glasses so special?

UVEX is an established brand when it comes to personal protective equipment in the workplace. The company manufactures its protective eyewear, which is individually adapted to the wearer, according to the strictest safety standards. The materials used in production are free of harmful substances. In the basic collection, you can choose between frames made of plastic or metal. With a frame made of titanium, which is only half as heavy as stainless steel, you achieve the highest wearing comfort.

The UVEX safety glasses with prescription can be adapted to different head shapes, the tight fit provides the best possible protection. A separate side shield is not required. The nose bridge and the temple ends are adjustable. Optionally, you can choose the super anti-reflective coating or tinted lenses for a small extra charge.

The panes are made of polycarbonate, Trivex™, CR39 or tempered glass. Polycarbonate is an organic material that is characterized by a very high breaking strength. The same applies to Trivex™, which is also recommended for high correction values due to its low weight. CR39 is a plastic with very good imaging properties and scratch resistance. Tempered glass is modified accordingly by thermal or chemical hardening so that it achieves the break resistance required for occupational safety eyewear. Special lenses are available for certain areas of work. They offer protection against X-rays, for example, or provide contrast enhancement in diffuse lighting conditions at the workplace.

With the glasses configurator you can find the right UVEX safety glasses with prescription on Here you enter your refractive error (nearsightedness or farsightedness) in diopters and the degree of astigmatism. You also enter your pupil distance in the digital form to ensure the correct cut of the lens. This information can be found in your eyeglass passport, which your optician will issue to you. For optimal work protection, please ensure that the diopter, cylinder, axis and pupil distance information is correct.

All safety glasses with prescription available from us comply with the EN 166 standard and are certified for use in the workplace.

How safety glasses with prescription help against hazards

Prescription safety glasses protect you from hazards to your eyes in the workplace. Unlike glasses with temples, which are worn during leisure time, safety glasses for work can completely enclose the eye.

Safety glasses protect you from

  • Stings, impacts or foreign bodies (mechanical),
  • UV light, laser beams, infrared light (optical),
  • Acids, fumes and solutions (chemical),
  • Heat or cold (thermal),
  • Bacteria and spores (biological) and
  • Arcs (electrical).

People who work in the trades need protection from dust, wood chips or flying sparks. The goggles also provide protection from iron filings, heat or smoke. Employees in gardening and landscaping as well as forestry workers must protect themselves from UV rays, chips, plant residues or residues of poisonous animals with their safety glasses.

Chemists, biologists and laboratory technicians use safety goggles to protect their eyes from chemicals, solutions, acids and laser beams. Without suitable face protection, conjunctivitis or injuries to the cornea or retina can occur. To ensure good visibility and safe working conditions, these safety glasses require particularly large lenses that do not fog up and provide complete protection against UV light. For welders, wearing comfort plays a very special role. The welding goggles must not slip when you tilt your head down while welding. Without a suitable pair of glasses, you could slip with the tool and injure yourself.

The markings on the frame and lenses of the safety glasses indicate for which occupational group the glasses are suitable.

Does the employer pay for safety glasses with prescription?

According to § 2 of the PPE Usage Ordinance, the employer is obliged to provide employees with suitable and individual protective equipment. Employees who are visually impaired and wear prescription glasses are entitled to have the cost of prescription safety glasses paid for. The prescription safety glasses must comply with the EN 166 standard for eye protection.

In order to find the right type of safety glasses, the employer is obliged to carry out a so-called risk assessment. This determines the hazards to which the employee is exposed and how long he/she will be working under these conditions. Depending on the workplace, several hazards may apply at the same time.

The following markings on the frame and lenses of the glasses will help you find out whether a particular model is suitable for your professional field.

Markings to protect against impact:

  • S Increased strength (22 mm steel ball of 43 g with an impact velocity of 5.1 m/s)
  • F Low impact resistance (6 mm steel ball with an impact velocity of 45 m/s or less)
  • B Average impact resistance (6 mm steel ball with an impact velocity of 120 m/s or less)
  • A High impact resistance (6 mm steel ball with an impact velocity of 190 m/s or less)
  • T Impact resistance at extreme temperatures

Markings to protect against light:

  • 2 UV filter
  • 2C UV filter with good color detection
  • 5 Sunscreen filters