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insole Complete+ high

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Orthopedic insoles should be worn alternately with the previous insoles to get used to them.
Insole for hollow and splay foot combination The anatomical insole combines high support for... more

Insole for hollow and splay foot combination

The anatomical insole combines high support for pes cavus and a pronounced pad to support the arch of the forefoot.

The hollow foot explained

A raised longitudinal arch that can no longer optimally cushion the gait is the main feature of a hollow foot (called pes cavus in medicine).

The splayfoot explained

In the case of splayfoot (med. Pes transversoplanus), the small arch under the ball of the foot is not developed, so the bones drift apart and the forefoot widens.

What is a pad

In foot orthopedics, the pad is used to support the splay feet described above. It corrects the malposition of the ball of the foot. As a pleasant side effect of straightening the foot, the wearer has a little more space inside the shoe.

Effect of the Complete+

The insole treats several symptoms at once. On the one hand, the longitudinal arch of the foot is lined and, on the other hand, the forefoot is straightened into its naturally curved position by the pad. The cushioning when stepping gives the wearer additional comfort and protection of the spine.

Articlenumber: ACC-SUSECH02
Product line: Complete+
Model: Complete+ high
Collection: All-Year
Properties: Breathable, Good fit, High abrasion resistance, High wearing comfort, Leather free, Shock-absorbent
Certificates: ESD
Operation area: Building trade, Craft, Horticulture, Manufacturing, Transport trade, Work safety

Colour: black

Sizes: 36 - 48

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Item turns out bigger 

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